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Как произносится по-английски?

Бесплатный онлайн словарь английского произношения: как произнести по английски


Группа ВКонтакте для школьников

Если у вас есть пожелания к упражнениям, которые вы хотите видеть на сайте "Учи английский дома", пишите на почту: admin@uchudoma.ru Или вы можете отправить своё сообщение прямо на сайте

Видео-уроки для детей. Мишки идут в школу. Часть 2

видео уроки английского - school level: Pre-Intermediate +
age: для детей
video: Berenstain Bears go to school, part 2
topic: what to do if you’re afraid of something new

Наведя мышкой на выделенные слова в скрипте мультфильма,
вы увидите их значение на русском языке.

Papa: But not pie. I can’t make pies.
Mama: Well, I have a photo album to find.
Brother: Why are you getting the photo album out, Mama?
Mama: I was just thinking back to when Sister was as worried about going to kindergarten as she is about going to 3rd Grade.
Sister: I loved kindergarten.
Mama: Well, yes. Once you got there you did.
Sister: Miss Honeybear was really nice. And that’s where I met Lizzy and they had lots of toys, and …
Mama: Yeah, ha-ha-ha. Yes, that’s right, Sister. But you didn’t know all those things before you went and you were very worried.
Sister: I don’t want to go to kindergarten, Mama. I wanna stay here with you!
Mama: Sister, I know that things can sometimes be upsetting, but if we don’t try them, we won’t grow and learn. That’s what kindergarten is all about.
Sister: But… What if the Teacher doesn’t like me?
Mama: Why wouldn’t she like you? You’re a very likeable cub.
Brother: Yeah, not all the time.
Mama: I know Miss Honeybear will be happy to have you in her kindergarten class.
Sister: But I can’t go tomorrow. I … I’m too busy.
Mama: Too busy?
Sister: I promised Brother I’d make a picture.
Brother: You can make me a picture at kindergarten, Sister. It’s got lots of paints and crayons and every color you can think of.
Sister: But I want to hear my story books.
Mama: They have lots of books at kindergarten, too. With stories you haven’t heard before.
Sister: I was going to build something with my blocks.
Papa: They have enough blocks to build a castle at kindergarten. That was one of Brother’s favourite things about school.
Brother: There’s a tub of blocks taller than you!
Mama: What do you say, Sister? Can you give kindergarten a try?
Mama: And so you went with Brother on the bus for your first day at school.
Sister: Is it all right if I sit here?
Lizzy: U-hu.
Teacher: Welcome to Bear Country School. My name is Miss Honeybear and I’m your new kindergarten teacher. Would you like to come inside and meet your classmates?
Sister: Mama, why are you here?
Mama: Oh, I just thought I’d stop by to see how you were doing.
Sister: I’m having fun. Brother was right, they do have lots of paint colors. More than a hundred!
Mama: Is that right?
Sister: And they do have a big tub of blocks. Just like papa said. Lizzy and I built a giant castle.
Mama: Lizzy?
Sister: A-ha, she is my new friend.
Lizzy: New best friend.
Mama: Pleased to meet you, Lizzy.
Lizzy: Hi, we’re having recess.
Mama: And what do you do at recess?
Sister: Um, do you know?
Lizzy: This is my first one.
Mama: I’ll help you get started. Come on over to the swings and I’ll push you.
Sister: Okay.
Lizzy: That’s a good idea.
Mama: And that’s how you discovered how much you love school.
Sister: I was really worried then. But when I got there I liked it a lot.
Mama: Just think what would’ve happened if you didn’t try it at all.
Brother: So what do you think about 3rd Grade now?
Sister: Hmm, I guess I could try it.
Mama: Have fun at school.
Brother: We will.
Papa: Sister, I thought Teacher Jane would like one of these.
Sister: Thanks, Papa.
Brother: Hello.
Sister: Hi, Mama.
Mama: Hello, cubs. Well, Sister, how was 3rd Grade?
Sister: It was great, Mama. We did two new math problems and learned some new words.
Brother: So it wasn’t that much harder?
Sister: It was a bit harder but I guess I’m just getting smarter.
Brother: Ha, too bad Too-Tall can’t say the same. The Teacher took away his pea-shooter and comic books.
Sister: Too-Tall should have listened to me.
Brother: Instead of you listening to him. Mama, did you make an apple pie?
Mama: No.
Papa: I made a pie.
Sister: You made a pie, Papa?
Papa: Yep, I figured if Sister could try something new, then so could I.
Brother: Well, it smells great!
Papa: And you know, it wasn’t very tricky at all. It was as easy as – ha-ha – apple-pie.
All: Ha-ha-ha.


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