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Видео уроки английского. Mozilla Story

видео уроки английского level: Intermediate +
age: adult
video: Mozilla story
task: listen for synonims


Просмотрите видео запись и замените выделенные слова в тексте на те, которые употребляются в видео.

Mozilla Story

Mozilla Story

Watch the video and fill the gaps with what you hear.
   accessible      audacious      challenges      faces      fight      fraying      nuisances      nurturing      protect      scary      tiny      VALUABLE   
In the beginning the web was simple, connected, open, safe. Designed as a force for good it would become something far greater - a living, breathing ecosystem in service of humanity. A public resource for innovation and opportunity. A place to build your DREAMS.
But in those early days, like any ecosystem, the web needed (care).
As it grew, users faced new (threats). Popups. Viruses. A lack of choice. Walled gardens of content. The web was (coming apart). It was slow, complicated, (frightening).
Users began to ask... is this it? or could the web be something BETTER?
A small group of people - coders, designers, idealists believed it could. They had an (brave) idea. That a (small) non-profit and a global community could build something better and force new ideas and innovation on to the Web.
They called it the Mozilla Project. They began by making a new kind of Web browser. What we know today as Firefox. And they made it a non-profit, so it would always put the people who use the web first.
More than software, it was a platform that anyone could use to build on their ideas.
The (inconviniences) diminished. The foundations of the Web we know today began to appear. The Web became a place where you can build almost anything you imagine.
As the web grew, our relationship to it changed. Mobile devices let us take it anywhere, and everywhere. We live in apps as well as browsers.
Now the web (meets) new challenges: closed platforms, privacy leaks, short-sighted government legislation, closed communities, limited choices... Our personal data is tracked everywhere we go, users are losing control... but it doesn't HAVE to be this way.
Mozilla and Firefox exist to help people everywhere (guard) the Web we love, and to stand up for users in a world where choice and control are too often at risk. With Firefox Mobile and Firefox OS, Mozilla is making the web open and (reachable) for all. A place for innovation and creativity, and we're going beyond software...
We're helping to build a generation of Webmakers, helping millions move from using the Web, to making the Web, learning together in a global community. And we're mobilizing people everywhere to (combat) for what matters to them on the Web: privacy, user choice, freedom, the chance to build the Web we want, together.
We believe the Web is the place where everyone can come to build their dreams.
You can help us build new products and programs. Protect the Web & grow Mozilla, because the Web is too (PRECIOUS) NOT TO.
Join us.

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