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Как произносится по-английски?

Бесплатный онлайн словарь английского произношения: как произнести по английски


Группа ВКонтакте для школьников

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Видео уроки английского. Kathy in the 360 Mirror

видео уроки английского level: Intermediate
age: adult
video: Kathy in the 360 Mirror
task: просмотрите видео и заполните пропуски, ответьте на вопросы на тему видео


Do you think that how a person looks affects what others think of this person? Watch the first few seconds of the video and say, what you’d think of the woman on the screen. How would you characterise her?


Просмотрите видео запись и заполните пропуски в тексте.

Kathy in the 360 Mirror

Kathy in the 360 Mirror

Watch the video and fill the gaps with what you hear.
- All right. I don't like to look at myself in a single mirror, let alone a whole circle of mirrors. All right. So this is an outfit that I would wear to work. It's . I feel like I look in this outfit.
- Did we just hear the a-word from you?
- Yeah, I'm sorry, I ... the word , that is, that is just . Do you know what that means?
- Good enough.
- Good enough for what exactly, Kathy?
- Err, sneaking by without anybody taking notice one way or the other?
- Well, it is for that. Nobody will notice you in this, this is for sure.
- You know, you said to me the last time we were together, you said, you know, how would you feel if your daughters were in their pyjamas. I've tried very hard to raise my girls not to think that their self worth was tied with how they look. But at the same time I do, I want them to be, you know, women...
- And how do they do that, if the only message you're giving them is the exact opposite?
- I do worry that this kind of outfit ..., they don't feel like it's fixed to any power or any .
- Yeah, it doesn't.
- And you're all of those things.
- Not in my wardrobe.
- Do you feel ?
- I mean, for the most part of my office, I think the people who work in my office know me well. But there're certain situations, especially like when I'm volunteering for "dance vision" I don't feel like people take me . And I feel less because I know I look like crap and it's hard for me to tell people what I need done because I don't feel like I have that authority.
- This is where style becomes a tool to help boost your confidence and help let other people know that you're the one .
- I just... I've never seen myself in anything other than this, so this is gonna be rough fun for me...
- OK, then you're gonna have a little bit of faith here, 'cause what we see is great rough material.
- Great rough material.

Попробуйте озвучить текст самостоятельно. Чем больше Вы будете говорить по-английски вслух, тем легче это будет получаться. Не упускайте возможность тренировать свой речевой аппарат. Нажмите “Click to Record”, чтобы записать себя. “Stop”, чтобы остановить запись, “Listen”, чтобы послушать свое произношение.


1. Have you ever undergone a “change your style completely” period in your life? What triggered it?
2. Why do you think people change their looks?
3. Do you agree that a person’s outfit can say a lot about the person? What your today’s outfit would say about you?

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