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Ruffus The Dog – Little Red Riding Hood

видео уроки английского level: Intermediate +
age: для детей
video: Ruffus the Dog

Ruffus gets to play the little girl who must make her way through the forest to visit her grandmother – but the Big Bad Wolf has other plans. Features the song: “Trouble”


1) The opening theme song from the award winning children’s series: Ruffus The Dog.

Staring out into the blue
On a dreamboat setting sail,
Spinnin’ a Grimm Brothers’ yarn
To catch a fairy by the tale.

Barkin’ a fable
Out in a song,
Ruffus The Dog, get along.

As long as I’m able,
As long as they write,
Ruffus The Dog will recite.

Get along little Ruffus.
Get along little Ruffus.
This pooch has got get-go
On this here puppy show!

Uh-huh-huh – yeah!

from Songs From Ruffus The Dog, released 24 May 2010
Composer: J.P. Houston
Vocals: Rob Mills

2) Ruffus gets to play Red Riding Hood and sings this song as he makes his way through the forest to grandmother’s house.

Sun drops tricklin’ through the trees,
Pansies tend to make me sneeze,
When I stoop to sniff hello;
Mama always warned me
In plainest prose:
“Careful where you stick your nose!”

But I still
Smell the flowers.
Cuz it’s far to nice out
To quail and cower.

June bugs
Scurry ‘cross my feet.
Ma says:
“You are what you eat.”
‘Guess that gives me four more legs.

Papa says of strangers
“Harbour no trust.
Caution and precaution
Are always a must.”
Papa’s always preachin’
But I pay no mind.
Trouble can’t be hard to find.

from Songs From Ruffus The Dog, released 24 May 2010
Composer: J. P. Houston
Vocals: Rob Mills

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