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Ruffus The Dog – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

видео уроки английского level: Intermediate +
age: для детей
video: Ruffus the Dog

Ruffus discovers his dark side as he portrays both the kind-hearted Dr. Ruffus and the nefarious Mr. Snide from the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale: “The Strange Case Of Doctor Jekyll And Mister Hyde”.

Features the song: “Tonight!”


1) The opening theme song from the award winning children’s series: Ruffus The Dog.

Staring out into the blue
On a dreamboat setting sail,
Spinnin’ a Grimm Brothers’ yarn
To catch a fairy by the tale.

Barkin’ a fable
Out in a song,
Ruffus The Dog, get along.

As long as I’m able,
As long as they write,
Ruffus The Dog will recite.

Get along little Ruffus.
Get along little Ruffus.
This pooch has got get-go
On this here puppy show!

Uh-huh-huh – yeah!

from Songs From Ruffus The Dog, released 24 May 2010
Composer: J.P. Houston
Vocals: Rob Mills

2) It’s the story of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde! Ruffus, as Hyde, enjoys the ruckus he will cause with a night on the town, much to the dismay of his friend, Squeamish.

Dressing up to the canines tonight,
Hear me bark, baby, I’m all bite.
Tonight, tonight, tonight.

Got a hankerin’ to break some laws.
Be the baddest devil on faux paws.

Gonna paint this town yellow, Hah!
Dine on fine trash and feline.
No need to fret, old fellow.
This town is mine –

Be a good lad,
Keep it nice,
Keep it mellow – for tonight.
Don’t cause a scene here, Ruffus,
Keep it polite –
Tonight, tonight,
Tonight, tonight,
Tonight, tonight.

Fussin’ and fightin’
And barkin’ and bitin’
Chewin’ it up –

from Songs From Ruffus The Dog, released 24 May 2010
Composer: J. P. Houston
Vocals: Rob Mills, Bob Stutt

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