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Как произносится по-английски?

Бесплатный онлайн словарь английского произношения: как произнести по английски


Группа ВКонтакте для школьников

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Past Simple of Irregular Verbs, exercise 1

English irregular verbs exercise level: Pre-Intermediate
age: adult
grammar: irregular verbs
task: раскройте скобки

Прочтите предложения и поставьте неправильные глаголы в скобках в Past Simple.

1) She (drink) too much coffee yesterday.
2) I (hear) a new song on the radio.
3) He (keep) his promise.
4) We (lend) Kirk $250.
5) He (understand) the rule during the class, but now he doesn't understand.
6) I (forget) to buy some milk.
7) She (have) a baby in August.
8) You (lose) your glasses last week.
9) They (swim) 100 m.
10) I (give) my mother a new perfume for Christmas.
11) At the age of 22, she (become) a lawyer.
12) I (know) the answer yesterday.
13) He (tell) me that he lived in Indianapolis.
14) They (speak) Spanish to the receptionist.
15) She (bring) a bottle of wine to the party.
16) The children (sleep) in the car.
17) I (read) three books on my Kindle last week.
18) I (choose) steak for dinner.
19) The film (begin) late.
20) We (fly) to Paris.
21) They (drive) to New Orleans.
22) He (teach) English at my son's school.
23) I (send) you an email earlier.
24) We (leave) the house at 8 a.m.
25) He (feel) terrible after eating the mushrooms.

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