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Крутой английский для детей и подростков. April Fools Day

видео урок английского языка для детей и подростков уровень: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate +
возраст: 10+
тип урока: Видео урок английского языка
тема: April Fools Day

1 апреля люди по всему свету разыгрывают друг друга, шутят и веселятся. Интересно, а какова история праздника? Ники-Всезнайка поведает нам о Дне Дурака и расскажет по-английски, как шутили раньше и какие розыгрыши бывают сейчас.

1) Посмотри видео.

2) Не можешь понять все, что говорит Ники? Прочти текст видео на английском.

Cool School April Fool’s Day
Hello, I’m Nikki and this is my Cool School WiKi. Today’s report is all about flies. I love flies. Especially eating them.
April Fools! That’s Simon and I’m Nikki, and my WiKi is all about pranks and the history of April Fool’s Day.
No flies?
No, sorry, Simon. But thanks for playing along.
OK, I’m going to go find a fly. There’s one. Bye!
First, a definition. April Fool’s Day is April first. A day characteristically marked by the playing of practical jokes, aka pranks. No one’s a hundred percent sure where and when April Fool’s Day started. But there’re a lot of traditions and legends from all over the world of people who are super silly this time of year. Some people think that April Fool’s Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years, maybe even as far back as the Middle Ages.
“She’s a witch! Get her! … April Fool’s! That’s just my sister! Ha-ha-ha!”
One of my favourite old time pranks is the Fool’s Errand. That’s when tricksters would send unsuspecting people out looking for something that wasn’t real. Like in 1698 when people were tricked into going to the Tower of London to see the washing of the lions. “We are here to see the lions get a bath. So, where are the lions?” – April Fool!
Today, April Fool’s Day is celebrated in lots of different countries. In France they call it April’s Fish or Poisson d’Avril. Kids stick a picture of a fish on the backs of their classmates and when they finally find it everyone yells “Poisson d’Avril!” I wonder if anyone has ever used a real fish? Now, that would be a nasty prank.
Sometimes April Fool’s Day jokes get very real because of who’s doing the pranky. When news shows and newspapers make April Fool’s Day jokes, a lot of people get pranked. Some of my favourite April Fool’s Day stories are:
In 1957 the news showed people picking spaghetti noodles from their spaghetti trees. Sorry, pasta lovers, spaghetti trees are not real!
In 1965 the Smellovision was introduced. That’s a Tv that releases smell while you watch. That would actually be kind of cool. Too bad it’s just a prank. Well, maybe not.
In 2008 flying penguins were discovered. “It’s a prank! Sorry, penguin.” – “Not funny.”
And in 2010 for the first time you could order canned unicorn meat guaranteed to be an excellent source of sparkle.
If you want to get in on the fun but don’t like playing an elaborate prank, you can always offer practical jokes, like a Whoopee Cushion, trick gums and a classic big poo.
You wonder what pranks shall I pull this year at Cool School? Or should I say Fool School?
For Drew I will replace the magic ink in his pen ultimate with ketchup. “This looks like a jump for stupendous stupendous …Hey! “ “You aren’t frying about? April Fool’s!”
And if I picked Ms.Booksy I would replace her story book with the most boring WiKi of all time. “Today’s story is all about … beans? Oh, that can’t be right.”
Then I would fill all the Practical Carol’s glue bottles with glitter. “Now, right next to apply your glue… Ah, glitter explosion!”
Good thing for all of them and way to more and play any mischievous pranks!
So, how do you celebrate April Fool’s Day? Tell me in the comments below!

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