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Как произносится по-английски?

Бесплатный онлайн словарь английского произношения: как произнести по английски


Группа ВКонтакте для школьников

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Грамматика для начинающих. Артикль. Упражнение 018

Артикль 018.

Артикль 018.

Запомните следующие застывшие словосочетания:

after work
from work
after school
from school

Вставьте артикль, где необходимо. Если вы думаете, что артикль не требуется, вставьте -.
1. My friends live in small town. It is new town. streets in town are broad and straight. There are beautiful buildings in them. town is very green, and so air is fresh. There are some beautiful parks and gardens in town. people like to go there after work. In evening you can hear sounds of music from parks. There are some schools, some libraries, hospital, theatre, some cinemas, some polyclinics and some kindergartens in town.

2. This is classroom. classroom is large and light.

3. There is picture on wall.

4. What is date today? It is seventh of December.

5. third lesson today is lesson of English.

6. Pete, go to blackboard.

7. After school I usually go home.

8. My father always comes from work late: at eight o'clock or at half past eight. But on Friday he comes home early: at half past four or at quarter to five. On Saturday and on Sunday he does not go to work.

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