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wind down | Learn English and use English chat at English, baby!

wind down

“wind down”

Sep 26 2013


“Eric and I wind down and have some dinner while the kids are asleep.”
– Singer Jessica Simpson on spending time with her husband since they’ve had kids (Us Weekly)


get relaxed


Many watches are digital now, or they run on batteries, but do you remember when you had to wind a watch to make it run? You would turn the little dial on the side of the watch, and that would give the watch the power to keep going. Eventually, you would notice that the time on your watch seemed to be getting a little behind. The hands would start moving slower and slower. That meant your watch was winding down, and it was time for you to wind it up again.

When people live busy lives, they are like watches that are wound. They keep going and going. But eventually, they need a rest. They can’t keep moving that quickly every second. Whether they want to or not, they need to take some time to wind down, in order to get ready for the next day.

Since having kids, Jessica Simpson’s life has been particularly busy. She’s probably running around all day. She appreciates that at night she can wind down with her husband. Having that time to relax is very important.

Do you think it’s important to take time to wind down? What do you do to wind down after a busy day?


“I’m going to read for a while to wind down before bed.”

“Things have been so busy at work lately. I really need to take a day off to wind down for a bit.”

“I listen to cool jazz to wind down. It quiets my mind.”

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