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Как произносится по-английски?

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Группа ВКонтакте для школьников

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Чарли и Лола. I AM HURRYING

видео уроки английского - hurry level: Pre-Intermediate +
age: для детей
video: Чарли и Лола. I am hurrying
topic: Лола торопится в школу, но похоже, делает это очень медленно

Наведя мышкой на выделенные слова в скрипте мультфильма,
вы увидите их значение на русском языке.

Charlie and Lola!

Charlie: I have this little sister, Lola.
She’s small and very funny, but I can never get her to hurry up,
especially when she’s getting ready for school.
She seems like she’s hurrying…
Lola: Ah, Oh…
Charlie: ..but she’s not. Come on, Lola! Mum’s taking us to school!
Lola: I’m almost nearly ready, Charlie.
Charlie: See what I mean?
‘You see, Lola always finds something else she has to do.’
– You have to hurry up, Lola, or we’ll be late!
Lola: – I’m ready now!
Charlie: Really?
Lola: – Yes.
I have two or five important things to do before I can really hurry.
Charlie: Things like what?
Lola: I have to find my hat and my scarf and my gloves.
I have to pack my pencils and crayons in my pencil case.
I need to feed my fishes
and make sure my mermaid doesn’t gobble the food before they do.
And change the yucky pear in my lunchbox for a yummy apple. Yummy!
But first, I really need a rest.
I’ve hurried up and up so much already, Charlie,
I think I have to have some colouring-in time.
Charlie: How long will all that take, Lola?
Lola: I don’t know.
About 15mins and 2010 hours.
Charlie: ‘Lola isn’t too good with how long things take,
‘so I help her out.’
What if I do the finding, packing, feeding, checking and swapping,
while you sit and have your colouring-in time?
Lola: Uh-huh.
Lola: There!
Mine and Lotta’s skipping rope. Finished!
Charlie: OK, Lola. Mum’s waiting. I’ve got all your stuff ready.
Lola: Ah, I had such a nice colouring-in time, Charlie.
I feel all floppy.
Charlie: If you don’t hurry up, you’ll have no time to do skipping before the school bell goes.
Lola: – Yes, yes.
Uh-uh. I haven’t got enough arms left to put on my scarf, Charlie.
Charlie: Here.
Lola: It’s ever so very windy today, Charlie.
Charlie: I’ll race you to the gate!
Lola: Oh…
Wait… Wait, Charlie!
Oh, Charlie, it’s SO windy…
I can’t race!
Charlie: It’s not that windy, Lola.
Lola: Yes, it is! Look! Look!
Look at the clouds!
Back a bit… Round a bit…
Up a bit… Round a bit…
Look! Look, Charlie!
The clouds are dancing!
Lola: These clouds are quite good dancers.
Charlie: Lola!
– Lola!
Lola: – Whee!
Charlie: LOLA!
– Come on!
Lola: – Whee!
Charlie: I said come on, Lola!
If you’re late, you won’t be able to show Mrs Hampton your colouring in.
Lola: But I NEED to show her.
Charlie: Well, hurry up, then. Or else no colouring in.
Lola: I AM hurrying! I AM hurrying!
Ooh, look, Charlie, I can play hopscotch on our path!
Charlie, stop!
Charlie: I can’t, Lola. Mum’s waiting in the car.
Lola: No, Charlie, wait.
These squares are magic squares with music!
I love music!
If you jump on them, they play a tune!
Charlie: Come on!
Lola: – I’m coming on!
Hop, skip, pom, pom! I’m going to skip with Lotta today at school.
Charlie: Not if you’re late, you’re not.
Lola: Oh, look!
Charlie: Lola, what are you doing now?
Lola: Shh! There’s someone giggling in the leaves, Charlie.
Look! There’s hedgyhogs!
Oh, look! The hedgyhogs are so funny!
They’re giggling and giggling.
Charlie: They don’t look very funny to ME.
Lola: But they are really very funny.
Funny bones!
Everybody’s got funny bones!
I don’t think Charlie has funny bones today.
That’s terrible! No funny bones!
He must be very floppy indeed!
He is! He is!
Charlie is all floppy!
Look! Charlie’s funny bones have started working!
Charlie: That’s Mum! Right…
You have got to hurry up!
Lola: But I AM hurrying up! I just hurry up slower than you.
– I don’t mean to.
Charlie: I know you don’t.
Lola: I just keep seeing… Oh, Charlie! Look at that tree!
It looks like a duck!
Charlie: ‘Right then, I knew exactly how to hurry Lola up.’
Lola, never mind about the ducks… Look at those dragons!
Lola: – Dragons?
Charlie: – Oh, I meant to tell you
– Today is Dragon Day at school.
Lola: – At our school?
Charlie: Yeah. It’s the one day of the year when all the dragons come to school
to see what we do.
I can see them now, Lola.
Lola: – Let me see!
Charlie: – All flappy wings and scales and puffs of smoke!
Lola: – Let me see!
Charlie: – They’re heading right for the school gates!
Lola: – Let ME see!
– Let ME see!
Charlie: – Wow! Those dragons can go really fast!
– They might even beat you to school. Know what happens then?
Lola: – No. What?
Charlie, look how fast they’re flying!
Charlie: They want to get to school first and do the things you want to do.
Don’t be silly, Charlie. Dragons can’t do what I do.
Charlie: They can on Dragon Day. They look forward to it all year.
You don’t want some silly dragon
showing Mrs Hampton his colouring in before you!
I’m sure you don’t want dragons to sing with Mrs Hampton
in music class, do you?
Charlie: You don’t want any old dragon skipping with Lotta
before the school bell, do you?
Lola: Come on, Charlie! Hurry! Hurry!
Mum, we’ve got to get to school before…
Charlie: Lola.
I’m coming, Mum! Wait for me!
Quick, Lotta, let’s run!
We’ve got to show our colouring in to Mrs Hampton
– before the dragons do!
Lola: – Will the dragons play in our sand pit?
Charlie: Oh, yes, absolutely!
Lola: OK.
Mum: Dragons? What dragons?
Charlie: I’ll tell you later.
Mum: – Hurry up, Lola!
Lola: – I AM hurrying!


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